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About me

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Valentina Moskalik

Hello, my name is Valentina Moskalik and I am a junior Front-End Web Developer. I aim to implement vibrant, detailed designs, keeping web standards and usability.

I would be happy to become the part of your team and participate in interesting projects. I would like to have the practical application of existing knowledge and possibility to learn and grow as a specialist

Please, take some your time to look at my projects.

  • - June 2015 – Present: self-education
  • - 2009-2014 - Ukraine, Odessa, I.I.Mechnikova National University, specialist diploma with honour. Qualified as mathematician
  • - 1999-2009 - Ukraine, Tsyurupinsk, specialized school I-III stages. №4, graduated with high honours
  • - developing the mini-game in JavaScript(jQuery)
  • - reports in International conferences “Geometry in Odessa-2014”, “Geometry in Odessa-2013”
  • - the first grade in chess, the champion of the Kherson region
Addtional information:

responsibility, fast learning skills, hard-working, mathematical mind, good result oriented, punctual, sociability, non-conflict.

The desire to learn and develop.

Professional skills:

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  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • LESS
  • Bootstrap
  • Bower
  • Git
  • Photoshop

My works

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